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Hello I could use some help. I was a assigned to complete a mind map with the terms Common sense theory, Scientific theory, metaparadigm, grand theory, middle range theory, practice theory, concept, prediction, empirical indicator, operational definition, level of abstraction.

They are to be in a level of hierarchy with lines showing how they relate to each other. I have done a few drafts of this but I am struggling if I am understanding the assignment.

Any help would be appreciated

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I think the best way to start a mind map is simply to sit down with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Start drawing circles for each concept -- showing the linkages and indicating how they relate to each other. As the paper gets too crowded and messy, get a clean sheet and start over -- taking what you've thought of so far and "tidying it up" to look nice on the page. Keep doing that until you've got all your key terms on there and lines connecting them.

If you are not sure how a concept links with other things on your map, take a little break from the paper and read up on that concept so that you understand it more and can place it reasonably on your paper.

That's basically how I did my PhD dissertation. After spending a couple of years reading and playing with my key concepts and ideas, I sat down on my couch one afternoon and sketched out how they all related to each other. That gave me my framework -- which I wrote up -- defended -- and graduated.

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