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Nursing Survey: New CDC Guidelines - Are They Enough


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New CDC Guidelines were released about 24 hours ago. The new guidelines set a firmer standard, calling for full-body garb and hoods to protect a worker's neck; setting rigorous rules for removal of equipment and disinfection of hands, and calling for a site manager to supervise the putting on and taking off of equipment. It also requires for workers who might be involved in an Ebola patient's care to repeatedly practice and demonstrate proficiency in donning and doffing gear.....before ever being allowed near a patient.

We all know this came in the wake of 2 nurses becoming infected with the Ebola virus after caring for an patient with Ebola. The previous protocol and guidelines were not enough.

We want to hear your thoughts about whether or not the new Guidelines will help nurses feel better prepared to battle Ebola safely. Are the newest guidelines enough? What do you think? Please complete our latest survey - New CDC Guidelines & Ebola Preparedness.

To read the newest guidelines, read CDC Unveils New PPE Guidelines for Ebola

After completing the survey, please come back to this thread and tell us how you think things are moving along with the handling of the Ebola crisis. Is the US prepared?

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