Nursing students for Fall 2013 Middlesex County College/ Raritan Bay


Now that I officially figure out where and how to start threads I just want to say:

I got accepted to the 2 yr program on April 6, 2013. I never been so scared and excited at the same time.

Since I'm on the pathway of becoming a Nurse, I decided to make an account here. So I'm new to this. (bare with me please)

I was wondering if there are any other students that go to or also got accepted to Middlesex County College/ Raritan Bay, as well.


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Srsly? No one else from Middlesex has an account here?


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Hello, I know this is a old post but are you still attended to mcc? I am currently taking prereqs here but I heard

bad things about the program. So I am wondering if I should start looking elsewhere. Any advice?


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Hello all I'm at Middlesex graduating this semester with allied health and liberal arts. I was going to do the nursing there but changed my mind. I got accepted to a couple of great bsn schools. I am currently studying for my teas. If anyone has any questions I'm here :)


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Hey, i am new to MMC from Los Angeles community college. i registered to take classes at MCC and i am wondering what your GPA was on getting accepted in to these BSN schools plus if you dont mind, which schools where you accepted?