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Nursing Student - Not in nursing program YET

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Hello Good evening to all fellow nurses and nursing students. I need some very serious advice, here's my situation. I'm currently enrolled at passaic county community college in New Jersey. I live in Garfield (bergen county). I heard that it is  extremely hard to get into the nursing program at bergen community college so I thought I would give this one a try. I started un august 30,2017. I made a grave mistake of taking anatomy and chemistry in the dame semester, had a bad anatomy teacher so I had to focus more on anatomy and I failed chem. When I retook chem I got a C+. my GPa before I failed chem was a 3.4 and then IT dropped but went back up when I took chem again. Here's the problem now. Microbiology is the last prerequisite I have left before i can apply to a nursing program that requires microbiology but not chemistry. Apart from these 2 classes ^ I got honors one semester and part-honors on another and have a satisfactory progress. I'm planning on going to Are my chances of getting into nursing school over? Should I change my major or retake that class and apply to diferent nursing programs to try and get in? Any advice would be greatly appeeciated. God bless 💜.

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