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Hi everyone! I'm new to this whole thing, I love coming here and reading through the forums; they're so helpful!

I just started my first semester of college this past month, and wow, is all I have to say. :banghead:

I'm considered 'Pre-Nursing' right now, I'm going for BSN.

I've completed my CNA training, and I just got my ATT today in the mail to go take my state test (Michigan). I had a couple questions about the whole CNA job and living on my own. Where I want to be employed (they start off at about $12 an hour) is it possible to work a 30 maybe even 40 hour week to afford an apartment?

The one I've been looking at is about $500 a month plus utilities. HELP! I just need a peace of mind as to whether it's possible to be moved out on my own with a CNA job plus being a full time nursing student.


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It is going to be very hard to work and go to school a the same time while supporting yourself on your own. It can be done, but you would have to have unparalleled organizational skills. Have you checked into financial aid/loans? You may also want to check into cheaper housing. If you are a BSN student it is likely your town will have some large college houses for rent. These rooms typically are offered cheaply. I'm not sure where you are in Michigan, but many areas should offer cheaper housing at the cost of living with house mates.

Your success lies on your shoulders. You have many options, make sure you explore them and find the right fit for you. No one here can tell you what is the correct course. If you do try one route and find yourself unable to handle it, quickly adapt by reducing work or school hours.

Best of luck.


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Well, my school is in Ohio. It's about a half hour drive from my house. There are a couple pretty big schools in my area though, and I never thought of housing around there. Thank you :) They probably will be cheaper than in an apartment building.

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