When Do I Know I Am Ready To Sit The Board Exam????

  1. I Have 2 Weeks Until Graduation, Have Successfully Passed The Eri Comprehensive Exit Exam With A 74%, I Have Both The Mosby's And Saunders Practice Nclex-pn Books And Have Been Hitting Them Hard. Is It Advisable To Enroll In One Of Those Kaplan Type Courses First???? Just Afraid I Won't Know When Enough Is Enough......all Input Appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   midcom
    I just finished school for LPN and we had to take all the ERI tests also. Taking my NCLEX on Tuesday. My teachers told us that the ERI tests are actually harder than the NCLEX. If you passed all them, above national average, you should be good to go, especially since you have been hitting the books hard too. You sound like me. I am very confident that I am ready to test & will pass it.