What should I do about schooling???

  1. Let me just start out by saying my ultimate goal is to be a mother/baby nurse..have always wanted to do that! Now I am just stuck at finding a school that I won't be in for 3-4 years! I want to get into the workforce asap, but realize I need at least 2 years of schooling. There aren't many options here where I live, but I have an idea and need to know if I am just being too naive and wishy washy, or if it would work.

    There is a local school here that offers a diploma in Practical Nursing that can be finished within a year and a half, but I do realize this comes with limitations and cuts my salary in half (not a huge issue, but still kinda sucks). Should I take this, and then try an online school such as University of Phoenix to bridge to a RN? Or is this going to be difficult to do? (and I am not sure if this school is even the best for online)? My two problems are I don't exactly have four years to give up for school, and I live in the Raleigh area where there is either online, LPN, or 4 year+ schools.....any advice?? I am desperate for answers!
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  3. by   guiltysins
    There is nothing wrong with doing diploma and then finishing your BSN bridge online. Though there are plenty of schools besides UofP. It's really the only way to get out of school quickly and start working as an RN. Plenty of peopel go the route of diploma or associate's degree and then go back for their bachelor's later.
  4. by   SnowRain7489
    I agree with "guilty sins" If I were you I'd just go with a diploma or associate's degree. Start sending out those applications NOW.
  5. by   Nutmeg524
    Thanks guys I feel a little better now...but now I have a new question....the school I had been looking at that is a year and a half offers a Diploma in Practical Nursing. Is this the same thing as an LPN, it didn't say it offered associates, so I'm a little worried about that now. Always something!