teaching plan for the same pt as my other post

  1. Can someone proofread for me?

    Teaching Plan
    Subject: Important of ROM exercises to bring back strength to the left side.
    Objective: The patient will learn do the passive and active ROM exercises to the best of his ability.
    Knowledge/Skill to be learned
    1. Maintaining alignment of joints in bed will keep them from getting contracted even if the patient can move them.
    2. ROM will prevent further weakness.
    3. ROM can be done by the patient if able to four times a day.
    4. ROM exercises will be demonstrated to the patient.
    5. When pain is felt, the patient will stop the movements and tell staff.
    6. Staff will help Mr. P with the movements he can not do.
    7. Patient will be medicated with an analgesic for pain 30 minutes prior to therapy and/or practice of ROM in bed.

    Criteria to evaluate client learning
    1. The client shows an improvement in therapy by demonstrating a one person instead of a two person assist.
    2. The client is free of joint contractions due to maintaining alignment in bed and is able to move joints.
    3. Mr. P will demonstrate increased strength and no increase in weakness.

    I appreciate the help!!
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