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I'll be taking pharmacology next semester and I wanted to get a little head start with the reading. The instructor doesn't know if we'll still be using the same books so they won't tell us what book... Read More

  1. by   maliat
    I have two questions.
    First, I was lucky enough to get some gift cards for Christmas and thinking of spending it on review books or flashcards for Pharmacology. Does anyone have any reccomendations?

    And I feel sort of at a disadvantage. I'm applying to one of those schools where you can take pharmacology before you're admitted or afterwards. Of course you have to take it before for the 18-month program I'm in. So though I'm sure there will be a lot of us without any nursing classes, it still is starting to stress me out. Has anyone else taken pharm before starting nursing classes? How was it for you?

    Thanks -
  2. by   RNin2007
    I bought these and LOVED them.... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/032...lance&n=283155
    (Mosby Pharmacology Notecards). Especially helpful if you have a sense of humor and are a visual learner. They are great for overall catagory implications, and can even be used for patient teaching. I really loved the pictures they put in there...they are funny and made me remember the concepts on tests because I could see the goofy little pictures in my head!

    I ran into them by chance at Barnes & Noble one day, and within 30 seconds, knew they were coming home with me.