Student nurse looking for an RN interaction for an assignment

  1. hi,

    i am a semester 1 nursing student going to college in vancouver, bc. i am pretty excited about becoming a nurse. i would love to have an on-line email interaction with an rn from anywhere in the world. i am interested in finding out about your thoughts and feelings about nursing, as well as practical questions about the profession. if this sounds like something you would like to do, please contact me. thanks
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  3. by   nurse_drumm
    Hi there!!!

    I'm in Vermont, USA, and have been a RN for just about 4 years now. I'd be happy to help you out....send me a private message and we can go from there, that is, if I fit your bill.... *smiles*
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  4. by   acbj
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You definitely fit the

    I will send you an email with an attached consent form (requirement of the school).

    You have made my day. Thanks. Talk to you soon!
  5. by   nurse_drumm
    Hi acbj...

    Did you get my email address? I never gave it a thought not to post it here and it got edited. I just want to make sure you got it and have a way to contact me....
  6. by   acbj
    yes I did get it. thanks. My message got edited as well. I have actually never posted on a forum before...Just learning as I go along. I will send you an email today.
  7. by   nurse_drumm
    lol..... Okay. I'm actually new to this as well.... only a week or 2, so I'm still learning this message board thing too. Ahhh.... always learning.