Student Nurse Immunization Costing Hell! - page 2

I am in Sacramento, and newly admitted to Sac City for this Fall class. I am just finding out that the cost of all the immunizations required for the program would top 650.00! Is there anyone within... Read More

  1. by   IndyElmer
    Depending on your state & the program you are entering, some people (though perhaps not the OP) may be able to get their records from the state health department. My pediatrician long ago retired & passed so those (nearly 40 year old) records are no longer accessible, but according to the county health department, even back then, many doctors participated in state records. It will take 2 weeks to get a response, but if I can prove I had MMR then at least I get to skip that titer!

    Also, though I know some campus health clinics are just as expensive as any other clinic, my campus clinic is considerably cheaper than most places with whom I checked.