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  1. I am a student in my jr. yr of a 4 yr program, I created a problem this year by developing severe anxiety over my studies. As a result I didn't pass two classes and I need to write a letter asking to be allowed to stay in the program. Does anyone have suggestions or information I can use to stay in the program? Nursing is very important to me and I really want to finish school and become a nurse> To me nursing is the MOST important job in taking care of someone with an illness. I love nursing very much!!! Thank you for any help.
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  3. by   LRichardson
    Hawk... i don't know you.. or all of the circumstances surrounding your situation now.. so having said that.. why not take a little break from school and figure out why you allowed the pressures of nursing school (which ARE intense) to overwhelm you... take care of yourself first so that you'll have something left to give your patients when you become a nurse.. remember... a goal delayed is not a failure.. nursing will be there waiting for you a year or two from now..

    make yourself your priority.. be well..
  4. by   Beck
    I graduated Dec 4 after completing a very difficult ADN program. After 2 quarters, I had to deal with alot of personal problems. I ended up withdrawing from class, even though my grades were not bad. I had alot going on!! I had to petition for reinstatement. That reinstatement went to a commitee. I had to write out 2 essays about what I could do to fix my personal problems, and why I felt that I should be reinstated into the program. I ended sitting out a quarter, and then getting one of the so called "worst" instructors. If it had not been for her pushing me after my reinstatement, I would not be the person I am today. Best of luck to you, and I hope everything works out for you.

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  5. by   Elaine Silver
    Obviously I don't know all your circumtances but... Were I in this position,
    1. try to take a lighter course load for one semester
    2. investigate the reason you are so anxious
    3. is there counciling available on campus
    4. let the powers that be know how much nursing means to you.
    5. ask for a probationary period and ask them for input as to what other options are available on campus to help you.
    6. consider tutoring if the work is too hard or if testing is the problem, a separate course on test taking.

    good luck remember the most important thing is you! if school isn't really the probelm and there is just too much else going on in your life right now nothing you do in school will change,you have to get rid of whatever is interfering.