Schools in Arizona.. any suggestions?

  1. Hi everyone,
    Well as my current job is closing up I plan to go back to school to become an RN. I will be moving from southern CA to Surprise AZ (Maricopa County). I have had so many suggestions and ideas thrown at me as far as just jumping in and going for the RN program, I've also heard its better (and quicker) to do the LVN program gain some experience and do the RN program after you have been a certified LVN for a bit. I haven't chosen which route i want to take as of yet, not to mention I am a single mom with little to no help from family so i will need to be able to maintain an income while going to school. I would like to know of any schools in the Maricopa county area that anyone has heard good things about or has attended and what kind of scholarships or grants are available for single mommas who work and go to school to be a nurse... If anyone has any suggestions or comments or just words of wisdom in general it would be awesome and appreciated. Thanks to all! :redpinkhe
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