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  1. Hi, guys. Can anyone help me with this research question?

    How might current events affect the concepts and problems selected by nurse researchers for study?

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  3. by   llg
    Is that an essay question for a test? A homework question for a class?

    We usually don't like to do other people's homework for them ... or do their take-home tests for them. Perhaps if you started the discussion by giving us YOUR ideas on the topic, it would generate a discussion that would help you think through the topic.
  4. by   ACNP 2B S1S2RRR
    I wish we had take-home exams and open-book exams! No, just answering study guide questions, and I am really stumped on this one. That would be cheating, and I am not a cheater. Cheating will get you kicked out of school, and I would never take such a risk. Thanks for your help, though. Sure I'll figure it out without assistance.
  5. by   llg
    I think you are making it more difficult than it needs to be -- particularly if its just a study guide question.

    Think about current events. What happens in society that might effect the things that nursing is interested in -- the health of patients. I'll give you one or two to get you started, but please add some to the list yourself.

    1. People losing their jobs creating financial hardship for them and their families. How might that effect their use of health services? (Trips to the doctor for preventative care, etc.?)

    2. The oil leak. How might that effect the health of the people in that region? The oil might have physical effects. The economic problems might change health behaviors, might cause emotional distress, etc.

    Identify current events, social trends, etc. Then ask yourself how that might effect people's health. Then imagine what topics related to those events might be studied by nurse researchers.
  6. by   RNTutor
    Yeah, I agree that you're probably making it harder than it is. Whatever's going on in the world is going to be what people are thinking about, so nurse researchers might want to see what effect that is having. Plus, if it's a topic that's important enough for the general public to talk about, it's probably just plain interesting to the nurse researcher!

    Another reason is that research grants tend to go towards projects that are currently "hot." I used to work in psychology research in a clinic where they focused on anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. When Hurricane Katrina hit, you should have seen how fast the researchers dropped their current projects and started writing grant proposals exploring the effects of Hurricane Katrina!