Psychiatric clinical paperwork-HELP!

  1. Oh My! I have landed in hell. I am in the third week of my psychiatric clinical rotation. The first week was fine. I did well on the paperwork & enjoyed working with the patients. The second week went well, but our instructor had to leave for a medical emergency. The program director graded all of our paperwork this time. Mine is a sea of red ink! I seem to not know a single thing about how to complete the paperwork. We are using Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing for a text book. I can work my way through care plans and meds & such, but the progress recording and analysis is apparently beyond me. We haven't covered this content in our theory class yet, but my rotation will be over before we get to it, so I can't wait until later to understand it.
    Does any one out there know of any resources I can use to improve my Therapeutic Communication skills? (before Thursday). Thanks guys.
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