Post Anesthesia Standing Orders?

  1. Just curious for you PACU folks out there...Is there usually a standing order for Demerol PRN when they go into the recovery area? If so, what is the dosage on that? Are there other standing orders out there for other meds too? Or do the doctors just write the orders for when they go to the floor? Just curious. I'm going to be having a learning experience there and was researching things in advance.
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  3. by   nurse lucky
    We don't have Demerol on our standing orders. We have Fentanyl 50 mcgs q 5 minutes up to 200 mcgs and Morphine 5 mg q 5 minutes up to 20 mgs.

    We have a Dilaudid alternative but they have to specifically check that box. It's 0.4 mg q 5 minutes up to 2 mg but that is way too small of a dose and too small of a max. It rarely works.

    To control the pain and not get the patients into a world of hell and suffering, I give the doses listed above and then call the MDA for further orders. We usually add some Versed or vistaril and increase the max to 300 or 30mg.

    It's good to start heavy and fast otherwise you get so far behind that it can take hours to catch up and you don't want to do that to someone.

    As long as they have a bp and a good sat and are breathing above 8, you and they are good to go.