Pls. Help. Interviewee RN needed for class paper.

  1. Hi all, I am a first semester ADN student at Montgomery county community college philadelphia. I have an assigment to interview a RN, and i thought this would be the best place to interact with current RNs. If anyone can please volunteer and answer my questions, i would be very gratefull! Thanks in advance.

    1. What is the educational preparation of the interviewee? Additional professional certifications? year of graduation.

    2. What is the interviewee's role within the Health Care Delivery System?

    3. Identify how the interviewee performs the 3 roles of the nurse identified in the Nursing Program Philosophy- Provider, Manager, and Memeber of health care team.

    4. Identify how the interviewee utilizes the nursing process in practice. how they write up care plan

    5. How did this nurse demonstrate the basic concepts of nursing - care and communication

    6. How do the responsibilities of this nurse compare with your expectations?

    7. What is the philosophy of the hiring institution? How does this nurse's philosophy compare to that of the hiring institution?

    8. How have current trends in healthcare affected the nurse's professional experience?

    9. PLease answer anyone of the following - What is most interesting part of your job? The least interesting? What advice can you give me about pursuing nursing? What skills should I be working on in school? How did you decide on this specialty? What challenges did you face as a new graduate? What do you like about working with students?)

    Thanks again!
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