Please help!! Nursing Programs??

  1. I will be graduating from a 4 year university with a degree in Health Science. All I have left is an internship and one class. But I decided I want to go to nursing school. I will already have anatomy 1 & 2, chem 1 & 2, microbiology, stats, etc. Are there any programs I could apply to, that I can start now before I graduate? I will graduate in december.
    If I wait until after I graduate I know there are accelerated bsn programs, but I heard they are hard to get into, and have a long waiting list. Should i go to a community college and get my associates in nursing and then work for a bit and apply to a masters program since I already have a bachelors?? Do most associate programs require you to take the classes again or can i jump right into the nursing portion?
    Thanks for all you help!!! I really need it!
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  3. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    I'd still recommend the ABSN route. It can be just as difficult to get into an associates program, and with an ABSN program you'll be done in half the time and earn a degree that will open more doors.