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  1. I need to write a position paper for my English class, and I am thinking of writing it on Gardasil and the implications of mandatory vaccination. I was planning on looking at the religious right's opposition (which I think makes no sense) as well as the fact that we have no long-term trials and it's odd to make a vaccination mandatory until we know more about it. Has anyone done any research on this that they would be willing to share? I'm just looking for reputable websites/journal articles, not fearmongering blogs. I don't even have to officially pick my topic until Thurs, but I want to make sure that there will be enough info out there for me to write 2000 words on the subject. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot guys!
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  3. by   jsu102
    I just did a journal review paper on this subject.

    Here's a link I found very useful - a very informative article on the American Cancer Society's guidelines. I think it gives pretty clear reasoning on why the vaccine is being so strongly encouraged. (But note that the American Cancer Society is not saying it's mandatory at this point. I have heard of a couple of schools who are trying to do that, but overall I have not heard of it being mandatory in a very widespread way.

    Good luck!

    You can also email me with any questions. I work in a Cytopathology lab and we process a lot of paps and have the HPV testing done on them, so we frequently get great in-services and education on HPV.
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    Thanks JSU, I just printed it out, and I'll let you know if I have any questions. Appreciate it!