options for career in nursing - what would you do?

  1. I'm 45 yrs old, currently attending Northern Michigan University. I also work full time (in retail) and have four kids at home.

    I attended U of M in the early 80's, and about 40 credits transferred from there, most of them psych, english, sociology and history. I took freshman chemistry, anatomy and sociology this semester. I'll be getting around a 3.0. I can apply for nursing school in Feb '07. NMU offers LPN and BSN programs.

    I've heard that the BSN program is so full that they're turning away applicants with 3.5's, so I'm pretty sure I won't get into the BSN program. I have two options: apply for the LPN program or apply to the BSN program in the fall, and hope that I can get my grade point up. I guess that there's a third option; I could apply to the LPN program in Feb., and then if I do really well in the Winter and Spring/Summer '07 semesters, I could apply to the BSN program in the Fall.

    There's a community college about 50 miles away (Bay de Noc, in Escanaba) that offers a RN certificate program. I could apply to them for Fall '07 and then go back to NMU for their RN to BSN program, which is much easier to get into.

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