ONE more FINAL and I really need your help!

  1. Hi everyone....I know many are already done with the first or second year..congrats! I finished my OB clinicals today for the semester and I have one more final to take early next week! it's freaking me out because I failed one test earlier in the semester which of course brought my B down to a I really can't mess this final up!

    what I'm asking all your help for is this: for those who have already done a pediactrics/ob rotation or have taken any tests in these areas (espec. Peds!), what information did you have difficulty with and what did you find most about it on your tests? Also, what did you study most that was the most helpful?

    I'm trying to focus my time on the things I didn't really get or might've looked over before so as to maximize my studying benefit.

    Thanks in advance for ANY help/advice available!
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  3. by   SrnD
    Just wanted to add that in PEDS we also cover osteoporosis/fractures, so anything on that is great too!