O.R. Nursing Research Topic Help

  1. Hello everyone!

    We have a subject called nursing research. I would like to ask some recommendations or suggestions for a Thesis/Research topic.

    The one assigned to our group is about O.R. Nursing and under that Nursing Interventions. The overall theme of the research should be: the changing role of nurses and nursing

    The time frame of our research is 6 months. What we can do is very limited (we're just students) so I don't think an expiremental type of research would be good for us. Probably a descriptive type will do, and we can just do interviews and/or surveys. Must also be researchable

    We're asking since we don't have any OR experience... and everything about OR was just briefly explained to us (aseptic technique, etc.) so we have don't have good ideas for a topic.

    If you have other ideas about OR nursing and about the changing role of nurses and nursing that isn't about interventions, that is okay as well.. we'll try to talk it out to our prof if we can change it.
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