Nursing Exams

  1. well i took both of my tests on monday and i passed my performance easily and now i'm waiting for the written to come back....i think i did greatly on it too, wish me luck but we'll have to wait and see.. hopefully the ky board of nursing won't take their dear sweet time either with was all common sense to me though...hope everyone has a :holly1: merry christmas :santa3:

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  3. by   Race Mom
    Congrats on the exam! What nursing exam was this? Have you heard anything yet?

    Merry Christmas to you too and keep us updated!

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  4. by   smiley12face16
    The exam that I just took about a week ago was the NAA/SRNA exam(the basic )(CNA)...So I am just starting out wit the nursing career....I haven't heard anything about it at all...They told me they might get the tests graded b4 the hooliday but dont know, and the latest that I can hear aanything about the result of the exam is mid Feb.....Man that's way toooooo long :chuckle ....But I know in the backi of my mind i passed the written.....But I'll be glad when I do get the results so i'll know how well I done..... I am hoping to get on at a hospital but I am not for sure because they want 6 mths experience or 1 yr in nursing school.....So I am in the dumps about that, but then again some hospitals will hire you when they really need the help..But my main prob is trying to get a job part-time because of my sons health probs....Guess I'll Find out when I get there.. ...I figured I will get a job in the summer after I finish my Spring semester and all....