Need some info on student nurses and current working nurses

  1. I want to know if the classes taken in the nursing program are harder compared to the normal classes before? How long does a nursing student stay in college whose heading in for a bachelor's degree. What categories of RN nurses there are and the average amount a RN nurse makes...
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  3. by   vashtee
    I think the classes for nursing school can be rough - not so much because of the content being more difficult, but more because of the quantity and pace, which is more intense than regular classes (IMO).

    Bachelor's degrees are typically a four year course of study.

    As for how much a nurse makes, that depends entirely on where you live.
  4. by   SilverJeyJey
    I thought going for a bachelor's for nursing would go beyond 4 years because of how the prereqs and GEDs take 2 years and the year long wait to get into the program (if you do at all) and then finishing the classes for the nursing program.
  5. by   Seyma
    It all depends on many classes you take a semester. Usually it takes 2 to 3 years to finish your GE and your nursing prereqs. It took me 2.5. As for the BSN program... some schools offer a 3 year program or a 2 year program. The only catch is that for the 2 year program you have to take a full semester over summer. Hope this helps.