Need interventions for a confused resident

  1. I need interventions for a confused (dementia) immobile resident in a nursing home to keep him free from harm with reduced episodes of agitation and urgency. This is one of my more "simple" care plans and I just can not come up with anything! Been working for three hours on this, please help!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    One of best ways to keep a resident with dementia calm/oriented it to make their environment familiar- make it feel like home or something they recognize. What are some ways you can make a resident's room feel familiar?

    Also think about how the nurse should respond to the resident if he or she makes a statement that doesn't make sense, such as, "I need to go pick up my daughter from school." How can the nurse respond in a way that will keep the resident safe and calm?

    Finally, a resident with dementia might forget their physical limitations. How should the nurse prepare in order to keep the resident safe if they were to try to get up without assistance or do something else outside their physical capabilities?
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    Reorient the patient to person, place, time, and situation.

    Keep cards/flowers/pictures/etc from family nearby to help reorient patient

    Provide diversionary activities like folding linens, playing with a ball, arts and craft activity, TV, radio, etc.

    Sing to the patient

    Ask family to sit with patient if possible

    Move patient to community area, interact with other residents

    If there are side rails in the room, perhaps keeping 3 side rails up to prevent falls (depending on facility policy and set up of the bed)

    Remove any clutter from room in case resident does try to get up

    Bathe patient - sometimes the warm water can be soothing