need help in a research project- Filipino nurses in USA

  1. Hello. I'm a nursing student from the Philippines and I'm doing a research project about the lifestyle of Filipino nurses in the US. Our Clinical instructor wanted us to have respondents from foreign countries so it's kinda hard for me to have an interview so i just posted a thread here. Anyway, here are the questions I'd like to ask. pls. dont limit your answers to the question. if there's something you want to share, then please do. and if you know a thread here that is similar then please include it also. thank you so much for your time.


    1. What company/hospital are you working right now?
    2. Where is that located (USA -state)?
    3. how much do you earn (rate/hour and night differentials)
    4. do you also work over time? how many hours?how much per hour?
    5. Do you have other jobs besides working in the your company/hospital( example: rendering services to patients at home for some nursing procedures,etc)
    6. what are your expenses?how much? ( mortgage/apartment rental, car-mortgage/gas, food, party/shopping, etc)
    7. how much is your savings(monthly)?
    8. Are you still able to manage your time with home and work?
    9. how much time do you spend at home/self? work? ( within 24 hours)
    10. what do you do during your free time?

    if you can add something, then please do. I would really appreciate it. Thanks again. :wink2axcristi
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