Med surge II testing problems

  1. I hope those of you who have finished school can help me with this. I am in my last semester of school. I have a 4.0 in my nursing classes to this point. Before this semester, I would have one of the highest grades on our tests. We have had two tests so far this semester and I have gotten a B on both of them.
    I know a B isn't bad and the GPA doesn't mean diddly for the NCLEX or my job. (Alhtough it does mean something to me). My concern what happened?! I am studying more now then ever. We are going very in depth on lots of things very quickly. (We lost three weeks out of our semester because the school added a three week winter term and took that three weeks out of the spring semester days. The month of March is almost non-existant due to Easter, spring break, and NLN conference all of the instructors are attending.) Thus the reason for moving so fast.
    But I study with a friend and we quiz each other and I knew the information inside and out. THis last test I thought for sure I got at least 95% and when I got my grade it was 85%. I was shocked and so was my instructor.
    Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? Did it happen to you in your last semester? How did you fix it?

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