Interview with an RN for a class assignment

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am required to interview a registered nurse (preferably master's-prepared) for my class assignment. I'd be really greatful if somebody is willing to help me with this.

    Thanks in advance !
    These are the points I have to cover during the interview (I am not required to identify my interviewee by name or even by specific location/employer). But I need to identify whatever the role function is of the interviewee.

    The interview should include the following, but is not limited to this information:
    • What is the role and its main functions?
    • What is the role title and position description?
    • How did the interviewee choose this role?
    • What educational preparation is required for the role?
    • What is the setting in which the role is enacted?
    • Are there role conflicts or "turf" issues within the organization, and if so how are they handled or resolved?
    • What are actual or perceived barriers to practice or innovation?
    • Are there any special skills that are needed to lead or influence others on the care team or within the organization?
    • How are patient outcomes tracked or reported, so that the value of this advanced practice role contribution can be identified?
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