interview assignment for med/surg nurse

  1. hi! i am a nursing student who needs to interview an rn with at least 2 years of med/surg experience. unfortunately, i do not personally know any med/surg nurses. if anyone can help, you can private message me with the answers if you'd prefer. it would be very much appreciated! if you can answer the following as in depth as possible please:

    1. what do you like most about being a nurse?
    2. what do you find most frustrating or challenging about being a nurse?
    3. what changes in practice have you seen in your career?
    4. what has your growth been like as a nurse: what was the first year like? how have you grown in confidence since then?
    5. what opportunities are available to you for advancement in your profession?
    6. where do you want to be working in 5 years?

    if you could also let me know how long you have been in nursing and how long in med/surg; your educational background; if you are a staff nurse or charge nurse; and if i can contact you to clarify any questions. thank you so much to anyone who can help. i really enjoy reading this forum; it has been a great help while in school.

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