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  1. Hi, I just received my first client, and I have survived my first clinical. Now I need to do a care plan for this client.
    She is 85 years old with Alzheimer's disease so she's confused. She had THA and arthritis and is on walker. She doesn't eat much.
    My nursing dx for her is activity intolerance r/t decreased muscle strength. Before I hand in my assignment, I have listed interventions as follow:
    -passive ROM
    -encourage increase protein intake
    -resistant training
    -teaching importance of mobility
    Now my teacher said only the first 2 can be used, becasue the client can't tolerate resistant training and teaching her is probably going to be useless because she's confused (they are so obvious but I didn't think through). My teacher wants me to think of another 3 intervenions (my assignment needs me to list 5).
    Please help. I know that my interventions should be on the AEB part, but I have no idea (they haven't teach AEB yet). The only thing I know is she's unstable when moving around and she's old, that's why I picked "decrease muscle strength" as my r/t. I also know that interventions include assessment, theraputic and teaching; but I can't really use teaching interventions becasue she's confused.
    I'm confused too, and not sure what I'm supposed to do. Please help.
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  3. by   Jonathank
    Teaching could include family members who could be taught about things like the pt.'s diet, care, and home safety needs, the likely course of the disease, and potential family coping mechanisms. If pt. is going to remain in a facility, other implementations could involve your modifications to improve safety in the room or your planning of scheduled activities for the pt.