I need help choosing references for nursing programs

  1. Hi, I'm currently preparing my application for local nursing schools, all of which are programs for an accelerated bachelors in nursing. All of the programs I'm applying to can be considered competitive, so I need my references to be as strong as possible! I already have one professional reference, but will you please share your thoughts on who would be the best choice for the second reference?

    1. I have a professor and supervisor (he has a PhD in art history) who knows me very well as a student and budding professional. He would have lots of very specific and very positive things to say about me. I worked with him for 3.5 years about five years ago. I think it may be a problem that he's not a "recent reference" and admissions might wonder why I'm using someone from a few years ago.

    2. An LCSW who works at a local health clinic (they have several nurses, NPs, Dr.s, etc. on staff). I have known her personally for about three years, but she would have fewer specific examples of my strengths. She could speak to my personality and character.

    3. My professor from A&P 1. I blew that class out of the water(!!) but the professor knows me only through that class over one semester. The class was at my local community college.

    Please! Which option would give me the best edge?! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   classicdame
    do you have to restrict it to one??? If so, go for #1
  4. by   brista
    I need two total and I already have one. I'm debating who to choose for my second reference. You don't think five years is too long ago?