I am losing steam (or something!)

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    Just logged on to get some ideas or something. I have done fine in school up till now, but the last two quarters (since I have been waiting to start my clinical rotations) has been terrible.My school load is very slight but I have been making terrible grades (I am usually on the dean's list) and I have actually been spending more time studying. I am taking Pharm and a Psych statistics class and I just can not seem to absorb the material no matter how hard I try. I know I am not any more busy than anyone else. I do work full time and have a child but it has never been a problem till now. Can anyone give me any study tips they might use or just some general good advise. I feel like I am woosing out just before I get to the finish line!:uhoh21: Thanks.
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  3. by   free_by_grace
    Don't give up!! Make flashcards for the pharm class and find a couple people to study with. I also treated the drugs like spelling words and wrote them out over and over. We had older students for our stat class that came and helped us. Find someone that has a good grasp on it and get them to help you. Those are tough classes for a lot of people.
    At our school, everyone in each graduating class gets their picture on the wall and we all just keep looking at all the people who have made it. Just remember that if you keep wanting that finish line, you will get there. (Cheesy, I know--but DON'T GIVE UP!)