How to ace your practicum.

  1. a practicum at first can be the most intimidating part of anatomy; especially if you've never participated in one before. as a current student in anatomy working toward a degree to become an rn, i understand the desire for perfection in every class. as an anatomy or perspective anatomy student, one needs to be aware of what they are getting themselves into. a student of anatomy must showcase discipline, endurance, and dedication. here are some guidelines to help you walk out of your first practicum with a grin on your face.

    - study a minimum of 3 hours for every lecture hour.
    - attend every class for there entire duration.
    - attend open lab as often as possible (become a lab rat!).
    - photograph and label all models, charts, and diagrams.
    - create flashcards for all information suspect to testing.
    - break down information into smaller parts.
    - network with your peers.

    organization is key to success in anatomy, as for any other class. make sure all study materials are prepared and readily available. scheduling time to study is extremely important. if events are scheduled they are more likely to be completed. ensure that your study environment is distraction free. this place should be away from electronics, food, beds, friends and family. an ideal study environment is a vacant classroom at school or lab. class attendance is vital to success in anatomy. how can one study the material, if they are unaware of what was covered? when photographing models, charts, and diagrams be aware that some schools prohibit this. be sure to ask your professor if the school permits this study technique (can't get an a if you get kicked out). flashcards will most likely be your most versatile study tool, as they can be taken anywhere. study your flashcards in between classes, during meals, and even at work. when studying, never try to memorize all the information at once. master smaller pieces of information and then proceed to an additional topic. finally always communicate with your fellow students. your peers can be great resources. you're not in it alone!
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