Help! Need assistance from Nurse Manager that budgets resources

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am a nurse returning for my Bachelor's degree. I am taking Leadership and Management currently. I do not know many nurse managers that budget. Is there a nurse manager that also prepares a budget for a unit or organization that could briefly answer these questions for me? Thanks so much, in advance

    How are standards used by the nurse manager's organization to ensure the provision of safe, quality care?

    How do National Patient Safety Goals, Core Measures impact the nurse manager's budgeting process?

    How did the nurse manager learn to plan for an manage fiscal resources?

    How and when is prepared challenges associated with the budgeting process?

    How has the nurse manager advocated for additional resources?

    Are politics are involved in the budgeting process?

    How has the nurse manager used research or other types of evidence/data to ensure adequate resources?
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