HELP! Human Dev. assignment

  1. I have an assignment due tonight that I'm not sure I completely understand. Here's the assignment:

    Personal Application 1: Who are You?
    Think about human development by focusing on yourself and your experiences.When we think about human development, we often do so in terms of a person's life story. When we read the summary of someone's experiences, it creates an image of who they are and the road they traveled to get there. Our interest in human behavior is generated by the history each one of us has, and the role it has played in creating the individual we are.
    Instructions for Students: Write your own profile, and begin your journey into the realm of life-span development with a description of your own life's journey. How would you be written up to this point in your life? What is your background, and what have you experienced that would tell the story of whom you've become? Why do you believe certain aspects of your life have influenced who you are. Have you experienced any major events/experiences that you don't think impacted the person you've become. To what do you attribute your strengths? Your weaknesses?

    I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I have something typed up but it reads like a story, not a "profile." I guess I'm not sure what a profile is supposed to be or sound like. I hope someone can help quickly! I have to sleep for a while today (night shift last night and tonight) and this is due by 10pm. Thanks for helping!

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