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  1. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from ortizgi
    some religions do not allow for certain immunizations!
    people are always saying that, but i've never heard the actual name of one that didn't.

    it's too bad that patients are not informed of which staff members have not had them, b/c if i was a patient in a hospital, that staff member would not be allowed in my room....that comprises my health in a weakened state b/c of someone else's personal choice. if hospitals are going to allow that, then they mine as well stop banning smoking from the building and rooms as well.

    i would support a state making this a requirement by law and an employer's right to refuse employment to those that did not comply, as well as schools.

    we discussed the flu shot in another thread, and there has always been alot of controversy around that shot, but things that have been given for years and years like mmr, chicken box, hep shots, way, no how, would i refuse to be vaccinated for those.