First year nursing student looking for a RN to interact with

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    [font=fixedsys]i am a nursing student attending a college in vancouver, british columbia. this is my first year and i am in the first pretty much brand new to this program. i am very excited and passionate to become a nurse it has been my dream for a long time. so far school is going well and is very interesting. i would like to interact on-line with a rn nurse from anywhere around the world and learn more about the nursing profession. also i would like to know some insights about nursing and be able to ask questions that are personal in regards to your nursing experience. i am eager to learn about some things that i will not learn in the classroom, and that will give me some inspiration. if you are interested please contact me as soon as you get a chance!
    [font=fixedsys]thank you so much, i am truly looking forward in interacting with you!! cheers :roll
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  3. by   purplekath
    If you still need someone I'd be happy to help - PM me for my private email addy.