East Bay: Concord vs. Hayward

  1. I just got accepted to the East Bay nursing program and am trying to decide whether to request to go to Concord or Hayward. Is anyone attending one of these schools who can tell me something about them?
    It seems like Hayward is in a neighborhood that is not very safe but the school is very large. It also seems like it has a much more diverse campus and a lot more going on in terms of more resources on campus for students. But I also read that the school is a commuter school and the people who attend Hayward don't really live in Hayward.
    Concord on the other hand seems to be in a very good neighborhood and does not seem to be a commuter school but it is VERY small. I would be afraid I would have a hard time meeting people since the student population is so small.
    I came to this site to see if anyone had any opinions on which nursing program is stronger (if either of them are) and also to see if people who live in these two places can tell me a little something about them. Thanks!
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  3. by   CaliLvr000
    Congrats on getting into cal state East Bay first off! Well I don't think you will have problems meeting nursing folks because you will be in every class with them. You should go check out the campuses and get a feel for them. I have only been to the Concord campus and it was really small-- but you are lucky because you will have such a good clinical experience in the bay area!! So I guess I'm not too sure either.....but I probably would have picked Concord simply for convenience. In the end you are just there to get your BA and become a NURSE!! Congrats!!!
  4. by   mpilkington
    I too was given the choice between Concord and Hayward campus. I finally ended up choosing Concord campus because when I was a senior in high school and went to an orientation for nursing I went to Concord and actually met a lot of people. The campus is small but it is VERY nice.. I will still travel to Hayward for the free medical stuff and it is a little closer.. But I found when I took my Anatomy and Physiology class at Concord I had a much better experience because of smaller class sizes and I got a better grade because of my relationship with the teacher.. So there's my two cents Congrats on getting in!
  5. by   thebesser
    hi pamanda ,

    i am applying to east bay for admission fall 2010, but i don't live in the area. i'm trying to see what type of chance i stand to get in. if you don't mind me asking, what was your gpa and teas really high? and did you have previous volunteer or work experience?

    thanks very much! hope you are enjoying school