done with all pre-nursing classes cannot get in to BSN program

  1. I am all done with all my pre-nursing classes. I am only 2 years away from finishing by BSN. I do not have a very high gpa, I have a 3.0 I do not want to go backwards and do a different program then go back for my BSN since I am so close. I am moving from Chicago to Denver in January. I was looking into Denver School of Nursing because they have a program for when you already have college credit. However, since I am waiting till after this semester to apply I cannot start to July and I do not want to take that much time off. Also if I cannot get into that school I am not sure what I can do now. Any advice?? thanks!

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  3. by   shaas
    Well, I don't quite know what to tell you, other than to apply for the programs that you want to pursue.

    I am one of those backwards people. I just got into a local ADN program, and I have a BA and two years of the core sciences. I initially vascillated between the EL-MSN and ADN, mainly because of the repeated cost-benefit analyses in my head, which ultimately proved to be with what amount I felt comfortable encumbering as an additional debt. I know that I can always pursue MSN. I just need to get the RN license as quickly as possible at a minimum cost.

    You, on the other hand, are under different circumstances. I presume that you do not have undergrad student loans, and that this will be your first degree. If you can afford it and get into the program of your choice, then go for your BSN, be it waiting for a semester to begin or what-not. In the mean time, find volunteering or any opportunities that would expose you to the healthcare settings.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   ICU_RN_BSN
    are you a CNA? If not, get that and start working as one asap...get all the experience you can. Volunteer at hospitals and clinics, consider retaking any low grades in science or math courses. Apply to as many schools as possible. Keep your head up and keep pushing. If you want this bad enough you will make it...don't give up. Don't start small and move up, you are ready for your BSN so get it will be so much harder to keep bridging.
  5. by   bhanson
    A 3.0 is too low to be competitive to most BSN programs, but if you apply broadly enough and the rest of your application is strong you may get in somewhere. Just for comparison of application processes, medical students apply to between 10-20 schools and with competitive scores (3.6+ GPA, 31 MCAT) have about a 50% chance of getting an acceptance from ONE school. The nursing application process seems much less intimidating when you look at it like that.

    In my opinion you should apply to as many schools as possible, BSN and ADN. Although you would not prefer the ADN route, with your borderline GPA I'd assume you would rather start ANY nursing program than wait a semester to reapply to still only have a small chance to get admitted to a BSN program.

    A lot of ADN programs are very easy to get into so even though you don't want to this will always remain a viable option.
  6. by   Taurus12788
    You should apply to an accelerated Bsn program. I applied and was accepted to Valparaiso University in Indiana for May 2011 August 2012. I do not have a Bachelors degree and I have been in school for almost 3 years.I juus finished my pre reqs. I am also applying to Lakview school of nursing ABSN in Illionis .It starts in August 2011 and ends Decmeber 2012.You should check them both out because the dealine has not passed. The application for Valaparsio was free.