Disease States and ABG status.

  1. I'm studying for my Respiratory exam and I'm trying to figure what effect each disease has on the body's pH. (pneumonia=respiratory acidosis, PE=alkalosis). So now I'm thinking about pulmonary HTN and I'm a bit stuck. I'm thinking respiratory acidosis b/c reduced blood flow will allow less C02 to diffuse out with each breath. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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  3. by   lovescoffee
    Many of these are hard to define in "real world vs school" situations. Real world you would be assessing you ABG and determining compensation as well, but for all practical purposes I find the easiest way to think of it is:
    - Anything causing a (hypoventilation) decreased RR = Resp acidosis
    - Anything causing an (hyperventilation) increased RR = Resp alkalosis (d/t blowing off CO2)

    So, this would make pneumonia, PE & Pulm HTN all Resp Alkalosis.

    A helpful website: http://www.anaesthesiamcq.com/AcidBaseBook/ABindex.php

    Good luck!!!