Cultural Diversity

  1. :uhoh21: please help! i have a cultural diversity assignment due thursday, 9/7 and i can't find what i need on the net. i've been assigned irish cultures. i need to know views on death and dying, birth and birthing, family structure and hiearchy, eye contact, touching, medical treatments and what a nurse should know in order to care for the irish patient. i have googled 100s of different words and phrases and there just seems to be nothing out there. hopefully someone else out there has had this assignment and can lead me in the right direction. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Race Mom
    This is all I could find.

    Or try this one...another student asking this question with responses...
  4. by   adawg67
    Try rather than U.S. based Google.
  5. by   Megsd
    My program has a big emphasis on cultural diversity and one of my required textbooks is "Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care" by Purnell and Paulanka. It includes all of that information. See if you can get a copy of it, or a book like it, at your library.