Care Plan ...I feel like im missing info so Im lost...PLEASE HELP

  1. So i have my first care plan due and its not on a real patient so the only assessments I come up with are from paper, here it goes.

    ICU floor 45/F diagnosed with colon cancer which seems to be caused from a tumor in her ascending colon. She has abdominal distention (assessment #1 possibly paralytic ileus??)[/U] her hemoglobin is 8 and hematocrit is 30 (assessment #2 anemic). She is NPO. She has an NG tube for decompression. (im feeling like she is more then likely post op ?)She has an infusion of saline 5% hanging at 100cc/hr . And she has rales and rhonchi to the right and lower left lobes.

    Ok so we know she has:

    Colon Cancer
    Abdominal Distention
    Low HgB and hemotocrit....Is this caused from surgery or the cancer ??
    She has a distended abdomen...Same question as above
    And she has rales and rhonchi

    So im thinking my Nursing Diagnosis should be:

    #1 Imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements related to ??? AEB Low blood counts

    #2 Airway clearance, ineffective related to retained secretions AEB rales and rhonchi.

    #3 Skin integrity, risk for impaired related to decrease in nutritional intake.

    Any help would be so appreciated , Im extremely frustrated
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  3. by   CuriousMe
    Great job, you're on the right track!!! Of the three problems you identified....which, if it got much worse, would impact your patient's ability to sustain life?
  4. by   NecieK
    Airway clearance right??
  5. by   CuriousMe
    right, so you'll want to go ahead and prioritize that one.

    As we don't know for sure that she's post-op, I don't think I'd put down risk for infection.
  6. by   NecieK
    Nooooooo !! AHHHHHHH now i feel real stupid lol

  7. by   JulieCVICURN
    I'd also include risk for aspiration somewhere in there. If you have a paralytic ileus there's a serious risk of vomiting and aspirating. I see it more than I'd like to admit.
  8. by   NecieK
    But do we know for sure she is even post op, or are we looking into it too deep...I think thats what makes this so confusing kwim?
  9. by   AggieNurse99
    A few points to consider - NG suction - also suctions out all stomach acid, right? Can cause metabolic alkalosis. What steps are being taken to prevent this? H/H of 8/30 - anemia. Why is anemia a problem too? And she's on NS @ 100 ml/hr, so is the anemia going to get better or worse? Doesn't matter at this point why she's anemic. My guess is that she's had a hx of poor PO intake d/t abdomnial distention & discomfort. Go back to assessment 101. What do rhonchi and rales signify?
  10. by   elizabeth321
    well i haven't done care plans for a long time but as a nurse I am thinking about :
    no K replacement ordered?
    if is he in ICU she must be post op intubated....otherwise why would she be there? sepsis?
    she isn't getting enough volume for NPO and losing fluids by NG
    the anemia number can be exaggerated by the fact she is dry
    if her abdomen is distended that is a red flag because either her ng is not working or her vent
    she is also at risk for pneumonia due to not moving...tubed....

    I liked the problem you had for nutrition and skin integrity but there are billions more
  11. by   CuriousMe
    I'd be careful about reading to much into it. It's that whole realworld/NCLEX world dilema

    Things that aren't listed:

    Post-op or not
    Intubated or not

    I'm with AggieNurse....I'd stick to your assessment findings and follow up with the rales & Rhonchi
  12. by   NecieK
    Ok done and sent off to the teacher...Ill let yall know when I get my grade how it went....And BTW [FONT="Arial Black"]THANKS!!!
  13. by   elizabeth321
    so what happened?
  14. by   D.R.A.
    What were your instructions for the care plan. In the beginning we only had to give one nursing diagnosis with three interventions? Are you required to give multiple nursing diagnosis? Either way, it sounds like you are right on track. Based on my experience you just need to keep it simple for now.