Can anyone one advise me about the role of nursing

  1. hi, all
    i wana write about : "the role of the registered nurse in health care teams"
    i did my research, and i found many articles but i don't now which one the best or many of them are old "2000,2001"
    well i must
    discuss the following:
    - factors believed to be influencing the changing role of nurses within health care teams
    - international, national and local issues of concern related to the changing role of the registered nurse (what does this mean at these levels?)
    - strategies in place or planned to address this changing role (consider teaching and learning implications and responsibilities)
    - the impact this may have on your future practice as a registered nurse
    if anyone one can help me to find good journal articles or any idea about this subject or advise > thanks for any help
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  3. by   labman
    Did you try CINHAL??? If you do not try asking a librarian at your school. It is a nursing and allied health journal data base.
  4. by   tamather
    hi, labman
    i just asking your advise or helping with any good article "if you now " like what i said i found many ::::and discuss all whats all friends nows about the subject thats all. anyway thanks 4 ur replay