Advise for new Maternity Clinical Rotation

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    I'm starting my Maternity Clinical Rotation and was wondering if you could tell me what kinds of things experienced RN's wish new nursing students knew before starting this rotation. I'd like to feel as though I was hindering my buddy nurse. Are there particular reference material etc... I could review before this clinical?
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  3. by   knitter523
    Try finding a copy of "Perinatal Nursing". It is a great reference. We keep copies on the unit.
  4. by   babyktchr
    I personally do not expect a nursing student to know anything in particular. You are there to learn. I think the biggest thing you need to know is what is expected of YOU during this rotation. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing a pack of students just standing around chatting and then when asked are you allowed to do this or that you are met with the "blink blink" face and "I don't know" as a response. It seems for the most part, OB is a watch and learn kind of experience, although I love to get students involved as much as possible with hands on business. It just seems there is no oomph anymore in the attitudes of clinicals anymore and it is sad, and students are more focused on getting in the chart to get information for their case studies than actually experiencing what goes on in real life nursing. Its not their fault, just how the nature of the beast has changed since I was in nursing school. Sigh...I rant. Forgive me.

    Go into your OB clinical with a goal. Think about what you want to get out of it. Know what you can and cannot do. Ask questions, but don't look to be handed answers so you can complete your checklist for the day (always know the halflife of Pitocin). Be involved in patient care. Every nursing student can do vitals and clean up a patient, get water and provide comfort. And a piece of advice that I am not sure everyone will agree with but is important to me....if your patient is close to delivery and you choose to go to lunch, DO NOT ask the nurse to call you so you can come back and see it. If it is important to you to see a delivery, then lunch should be quick and easy like a power bar in the break room, or deferred until after delivery. My pet peeve, may not be anyone elses (but I am sure it is).

    Good luck in your rotation. I hope you have a fabulous experience.
  5. by   RNfaith331
    All good advise thanks so much. I am an older student and do work through lunches/breaks, participate in everything I can, ask to see and participate in everything they will let me. I am really looking forward to this rotation. I looked up 1/2 life of pitocin and most references say 3-5 minutes hope that's correct. I pray I get a buddy nurse like you who will allow me to do as much as they feel safe with. I love nursing, I've waited a long time for this (yes, second career). I make the most of my clinicals and have stayed over may times to see or finish a procedure I was allowed to watch or participate in. I want to thank all the great nurses out there that enjoy teaching new nurses. You absolutely make the difference in whether it's a great experience or not. I want you to know for those of you that take the time or give an appropriate push or word of encouragement, your praises are sung at post conference. So many times someone has said I want to be like this nurse when I get my license she was wonderful to work with and taught me so much. So thank you to all of you, we are very appreciate of your patience and your extra efforts.
  6. by   relondnah SNKC
    Im a nursing student and I'm in my thrift week of OB rotation and I've learned to remember BUBBLE HE and REEDA! I don't know if you are familiar with this but it's when you assess mom. I think if you be proactive in wanting to learn then any nurse will take you under their wings and show you the works! I'm still struggling with my instructor because she expects for us to know everything before getting in the floor but I don't agree with that. Any who.... Let me know if I can help or we can help each other because I'm still learning too. Enjoy!
  7. by   relondnah SNKC
    I meant third rotation week.