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Hello everyone. I finally have been accepted into a nursing program! :yeah: So now the excitement is wearing off and the fear is kicking in! :confused: So I would like too know in your experience what was the hardest part of your Nursing Program?! What was the most difficult struggle or subject you dealt with? ( I'm fearing math) All responses welcomed and I thank you in advance!!:up:


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I'm currently into my third semester at Nova. So far the most difficult semester was second semester. The material itself was not difficult rather time consuming. That semester I had foundations of nursing, nursing assessment, and pathophysiology. On top of everything else that semester was the refining of "nursing and application based quesrions". Trust me those questions are not like the knowledge bases questions. So as you can tell it was one interesting semester. As for the math, I didn't have any problems with that subject, mind you math is my weakest subject. I love the program that I am because it has challenged me. Every program is different but just stay positive and you should be fine. What program were you accepted to? Anyways good luck and have fun throughout the process.


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Thank you NurseKitty2013!


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I agree that the material is not hard if you are grasping it.. it can be very difficult for some students who are not grasping it and continue to get behind as the semester goes on... i'm not trying to scare you but if you don't understand ASK and don't wait... the material gradually builds more and more as the semester goes on... I loved all thress semesters so far. It is scary I won't lie lol but once that semester is over you will be sooooooooo happy and proud... just practice practice practice and you will do great! good luck! :)