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I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where I might find a sort of "log" of nursing strikes. I am particularly interested in the mid 90s on, but a full graph history would also be helpful. I've done a full search through government statistics of all relevant sites i can think of without luck, and through google again without luck. Can anyone steer me on this?



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Check with unions that represent Nurses, check with State nursing associations, check with state boards of nursing. Check with newspaper morgues. This sounds like a daunting task.

I don't believe you will find a ready made graph. Or even find this information preassembled. You will most likely have to compile the data yourself from various sources. The only way you might find such a compilation or graph is if someone else has already done this reasearch.

You might start with a CINAHL search and then move on to the sources I mentioned above.

Check with what ever gov. agency that regulates strikes. Maybe the AFL CIO.

That is about all I can think of.


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Thank you Agnus.

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