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Nursing or stay with Corp America

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by SoHa12 SoHa12 (New) New Pre-Student

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I currently work 100% remote for an healthcare IT company but only bringing in $50K with a masters. I’ve been heavily thinking about going into an accelerated nursing program since the field is so versatile with an RN license. I started out as a nursing major when I first start college but was too immature, my personal thoughts though I was accepted into a nursing program, and switched to something else. All of my current degrees are healthcare related and I love the field. Would you leave a 100% remote position to purse nursing? I’m 30 and feel like I’m not living a fulfilling life. The work is super easy at my job but serves not relevant purpose to society but for them to make money. Not sure if I’m just going through an early mid life crisis or something lol. Any advice would be great. Or anyone who has made that switch from remote worker to nurse. Thank you all in advance.

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