Question about scrubs...

  1. OK, this is not a life shattering question or concern, but with finals coming up, just thought I would take your minds off of school!

    I just got a job as a unit secretary and start next week. I have never worked in a hospital before so I don't know what kind of scrubs are best. Is there a "better" brand out there? I found alot online but I have heard that some are more "see-thru" than others! I am worried about ordering some, and found some on Ebay and again, worried about what type or brand to get.

    Thanks! And good luck with finals! Mine start in one week!
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  3. by   memphispanda
    I like Landau whites the best, but for prints (especially darker ones) I haven't noticed a major difference. Not that I have a lot of experience myself!
  4. by   ashemson
    Yeah, I heard Landau was a good brand. But again, I didn't know if the sizing charts online were really accurate, I don't like tight fitting things! Such major life decisions! Wish this was all I had to worry about..hehe
  5. by   ats
    I've found that Cherokee scrub pants are a bit roomier in the hips, while the Landau are a bit narrower. Not having hips myself, I prefer the Landau.

  6. by   Rena RN 2003
    i prefer landau hands down to any other brand. they hold up better for longer than any other brand that i have. however, as far as prints go, peaches is my favorite brand. they have prints that are more like my personality than any other company out there. my all time favorite print has been discontinued by peaches but it's a "frogs on hawgs" motif. something about cool biker frogs riding a motorcycle just does it for me. i get more compliments from the young and old about that jacket. :chuckle
  7. by   NurseWeasel
    I recently bought the new Pink Panther scrubs made by LARose from and really like the fit. I was a bit worried upon opening the package because the fabric seemed a little on the thin side, but after washing they were fine. BTW I'm thin and alot of the baggier scrubs are not flattering on me, so I was glad to find these which are still roomy but fit better.

    The scrubs we have for school are WONDERFUL, they dry superfast (great for giving patient baths), are heavy duty and wrinkle resistant. They're made by ScrubMed and are 65% polyester / 35% cotton. I don't know if they come in prints or not, ours are solid and the only other ones the local store carries are all solid too. They're on the expensive side, but I'm telling you they are WORTH IT.
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  8. by   Mithrah
    I hate scrubs because they are so uncomfortable. They pinch me at the waist or they are way too baggy. Does anyone know where I can get some hip hugger type scrubs? I'd like the tie ones but the size small fits me like an X-large.
  9. by   Desert Rat
    I agree peaches have more fun prints. Barco and Crest are roomier in the hips, Landau are slimmer. I make most of my tops because I can find wild prints. It really does give patients something to get their minds off their worries. I love scrubs--wish I could wear them all the time.
  10. by   Angella Walker
    Make your own. I am 5'9", 130 and it is hard to find scrubs that don't look tacky without paying the extra money for Talls. I make my own scrubs. Just find a good pattern, a fabric that you like and go for it.

    I don't like colored scrubs because they can become discolored after a couple of washing. BTW I am a washing freak.