Preferred Nursing Shoe? - page 3

my clinical attire regulations state: white regulation nursing shoes are to be worn with a closed toe and heel. no sandals, clogs, patent leather or canvas shoes are permitted. ok i was hoping i... Read More

  1. by   yousoldtheworld
    The pairs I alternate between are a pair of Birki's Dorian (really good shock absorption and arch support), Alegria Feliz (good arch support, cushy insole, fun designs) and Anywear Zones (super cushiony, but a bit more supportive than typical Croc type shoes).

    I've had the best luck avoiding severe foot pain by never wearing the same shoes two shifts in a row. If I work a double, I might even change shoes halfway through.
  2. by   yousoldtheworld
    ...And I missed that you said the shoes couldn't be clogs/backless, haha.

    In that case, I'd recommend Alegria. They have a couple of styles (Debra and Donna, I of them is a full shoe) and also two Mary Jane styles that have a back on them. I know some of the styles come in plain white. They are quite supportive while still being comfortable.
  3. by   Marathonrunner79
    I prefer Danskos and basic running sneakers. I usually alternate days
  4. by   pdrgeez
    If you're looking for a reasonable place to buy Danskos - try I got some really great shoes on their website on sale for $55!!! Always order the next size up from what you wear in street shoes. You'll be glad you have extra room when your feet swell a little during your 12-16 hours.
  5. by   tabby99
    I just got the white Keen professionals...they are awesome and i got them for like 45 bucks or something recently at Sierra Trading Post. I was wearing New Balance wide white shoes....but they were sooooo ugly and reminded me of grandma shoes...haha. you could barely tell the diff btwn right and left! So, for my final 108 hours of preceptorship I could NOT face those shoes and got the Keens. They are not that ugly and have been very comfy.
  6. by   pdrgeez
    I will have to check them out! Thanks for the info, and for sharing.
  7. by   atmananda
    Dansko. Hands down. Practice walking in them when you first get them, though, because you may stumble a little..I think it's because of the height of the sole and maybe the way the shoe fits. After one or two careful days of walking, you won't look back