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hi...i am starting my first job as a new grad in two weeks at the age of 49....i have flat feet and am really worried about being able to work 12 hours shifts...does anybody have any advice for a... Read More

  1. by   pawsomepooch47
    I work 12 hour shifts and it is very difficult to find shoes that will keep you comfy for that long. I wear Klogs and they really keep my feet happy but now i have painful knees instead. maybe not enough stability? I was always a fan of New Balance but in recent years I can't find a pair that don't kill my feet. I don't know if their quality is not what it used to be or if it's me. I see alot of people wearing crocs but they don't work for me. I know 2 nurses I work with who now have plantar faschiitis after wearing these over a period of time and doctors have told them no more crocs. Well anyway, the Klogs are the best I've found lately.